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About me 

I've always loved researching and telling people's stories. Until February 2016, I had the privilege of doing this at More, a truly smart, funny, not-patronizing magazine for women, where I was the executive features editor and also a writer. (Why do the smart women's magazines always fold?) I’ve also written and edited for Penthouse, Glamour, the New York Times Syndicate and others, on topics ranging from celebrities to social issues, politics to criminal justice, and more.

I love telling stories in every format--profiles, investigative features, trend pieces, packages, round-ups, essays, social media, slideshows, videos, polls. In 2016, I made the switch to Confident Investigator (CI) for the city of New York, researching and profiling candidates for high-level positions of public trust. Since 2023, I've been leading a team of four CIs doing this important work for the city we love.

You can see my writing and editing (some of which has won awards) here, and here. You can find my resume here, and follow me on social media at the tabs below. I also do an occasional blog about the stories behind the stories (like the time I interviewed Roseanne Barr on her unmade bed), New York City history and my family's connection to it, and other random stuff I hope will be of interest. I’d love to hear your thoughts about what makes a great story, the state of the publishing business, your own family history, or whatever else you feel like talking about. Because I really do believe that truth is stranger than fiction.

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